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What students say...

“YAPA Kids has been such a fun way to learn such as playing games while in class and having little challenges here and there. I like how the teachers are always prepared and they know what they are going to teach us beforehand.”

- Ishveen K.

“The tutors are fun!”

- Anonymous

“The teachers are all high school students and volunteers I believe, but they are all so responsive, professional and committed. I think this is a great program for the communities, both for the students to learn and to teach to gain teaching experiences, especially during this challenging time. Thanks!”

- Anonymous

“The teachers make the whole learning experience fun and engaging, and are very nice and the class if very informative.”

- Anonymous

What parents say...

“The content is informative, challenging yet fun. My son learned so much in just one Science class. I was impressed with the teacher’s ability to make osmosis fun for 9 year olds!”

- Amy D.

“Really appreciated your time and efforts helping our kids in the community.”

- Sarah Z.

“My kid loves YAPA kids and that is one of the programs he is eager to attend every week.”

- Nianwei X.

"The teachers are very encouraging and help their students easily understand what they are learning about by explaining step-by-step how to solve the problem and breaking down large amounts of information into simpler, understandable facts students can easily remember. They make the whole experience engaging and fun."

- Anonymous

“The teachers were very nice and encouraging.”

- Gina

"your caliber in terms of management, organization, and internal operations are at par (if not much higher) than many other paid live classes programs available. Thank you for offering so many enriching classes completely free of charge at such high quality. Thank you to the founder, leadership team, and all the volunteers at YAPA Kids for your dedication & contributions!"

- Peggy F.

"Able to see kids from all over the US and learn together.”

- Anonymous

“We are super grateful for the free offering and for taking the time to teach our daughter art which she completely loves!!”

- Anonymous

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