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YAPA Kids Newsletter

May 2022

Hello all!


Spring has arrived, and on with it, sunnier days. Congratulations to all of the seniors for their college acceptances! It’s been a tough year, and we’re proud of what everyone has accomplished.


We decided to continue our newsletters, making them a monthly occurrence to bring more awareness to YAPA Kids. 


It’s YAPA Kids’ 2-year anniversary! We’d like to thank our students, parents, and teachers for their continued support and dedication to our association, as we wouldn’t be able to run our organization without your help.


First, we have some information regarding the proceedings of classes. Since a lot of our teachers, who are high schoolers, are taking their AP Tests in the month of May, some programs are going to be temporarily canceled. Please look out for emails from your programs regarding this!


As a reminder, we have a couple of satisfaction forms we’d like you to fill out so we can help improve your experiences, whether you are a student, parent, or teacher! Here are their links: 


Now, we’d like to highlight the following 3 programs. If you would like to learn C++, Psychology, or iOS Development, please sign up at!

We’d also like to introduce our new Executive Team:

President: Akshat Mehta 

Director of Membership: Ava Spalding

Director of Operations: Lillian Stewart

Director of Student Growth: Pranav Kumar Soma

Director of Systems: Aditya Rao

Director of Team Expansion: Srikar Pisupati


Lastly, we have an interview with one of our members to show their perspectives!


Q: What is your role in YAPA Kids?

A: Program Chair


Q: Why do you enjoy being in YAPA Kids?

A: At YAPA Kids, I love collaborating with other high school students to create free classes for all students. We work well as a team and as friends. I also enjoy the unique opportunity of overseeing a diverse range of subjects that educate students globally. Whether I’m teaching a Java class or a Spanish class, it is always fantastic to hear and answer questions that I would have never thought of myself. It isn’t only a learning experience for my students but also for me.

Q: How has YAPA Kids impacted you as a person?

A: Through YAPA Kids, I’ve found my love for tutoring and become more open-minded, organized, and articulative. Working with students has taught me to approach subjects with diagrams and hands-on activities rather than relying on textbook-style explanations. Meeting students from the East Coast to Malaysia has exposed me to different cultures and lifestyles. While running YAPA Kids programs and teaching, I have developed meticulous systems to keep everything from class schedules to internal files organized for myself and my team. After all, I’ve noticed that when organization fails, team efficiency fails. Communication is a key part of all of our lives, and, as a team member and a teacher, I have refined my communication skills. Using slideshows and clear articulation helps my students and my teammates understand me while allowing me to be more outspoken. Whether you join YAPA Kids as a student or a teacher, you will be guaranteed an eye-opening and engaging experience!


That’s all for this month, for any questions, please fill out a support ticket with the link below.



YAPA Kids Team

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