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YAPA Kids Newsletter

June 2022



Happy Summer! Congratulations to all of our seniors who graduated this month. We are so proud of the hard work everyone has achieved as we hope our seniors continue achieving success in their respective colleges, universities, or other educational endeavors. 


As the summer progresses, there may be notable changes regarding the scheduling of classes. Please continue to check your emails regarding this and communicate with your teachers if scheduling conflicts arise. 


This month, we would like to highlight our math program. Our math program currently needs more teachers. The math program presents an engaging curriculum that involves arithmetic, fractions, decimals, basic algebra, geometry, and AMC 8 topics. Teachers, if you are interested in volunteering in our math program, more information can be found here. You can apply to volunteer in the math program through messaging the program lead. 









Although, please note, if you are new to YAPA Kids and are interested in becoming a teacher, you would first need to apply through this link. This link is applicable for all of YAPA Kids’ programs. We are excited to announce that we are now accepting the Class of 2026 to apply to become teachers as well!


For students interested in applying for any of our programs, please fill out the following link. Please note, emails regarding applications are sent to both student and parent emails. Make sure to check both!


We hope you enjoy these incoming warmer days. For any questions, please fill out a

support ticket.



YAPA Kids Team

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