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  • What is YAPA Kids?
    YAPA Kids is a program that inspires academic curiosity in young students at a time when schools have so much more to deal with and have limited capabilities.
  • How do classes work?
    Students log into a Zoom classroom, where the teacher/class leader has a fun and engaging curriculum planned. The link to the class will be sent prior to the class after signup (signup link).
  • I requested a class using the interest form — how long until my class begins?
    We work as fast as we can to get your student into classes. Please expect a follow up from the program email account in 1-2 weeks at the latest. For classes that have the [waitlist] tag in front of their entry, this may take up to 3-4 weeks. If you do not receive an email by then, please let us know by filling out our support ticket so we can swiftly resolve any issues.
  • Who are the teachers?
    The teachers are dedicated, passionate high school students who have years of experience in their subject field. We only take the best and have surveys after every class to ensure that each class adjusts according to feedback.
  • When are classes?
    Classes are running now and will continue through summer and beyond. The schedule for classes, which run weekly at the same time each week, can be found on our programs page.
  • Why are (most) classes 30-40 minutes long?
    A child’s attention span is typically 10-20 minutes. Any longer than a 30-40 minute class will lead the students to be less focused and less excited by the material.
  • What is the price of joining a program?
    Our mission is to serve the community, not detract from it. Our classes are free of charge. To continue our work and share our mission, we encourage you to spread the word to friends and family and consider donating to our cause. All funds go to supporting our amazing students!
  • Can I enroll in multiple classes/programs?
    There is no limit to the number of programs you can simultaneously sign up for, just fill out the signup form again for another class that you are interested in. We do ask that you only submit a sign up request for the programs that you intend to attend, so that we may have space for others who are interested in a given program.
  • More Questions?
    You can fill out our support ticket. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!
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