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YAPA Kids Newsletter

August 2022

Hello Everyone!


Happy August and a very happy back to school season! Woohoo! As the school year approaches, we wish all our students good luck, and we hope you all receive amazing new educational endeavors. Considering the introduction of this school year, we are happy to announce fresh new programs for our bright young minds. Some amazing programs we would like to shout out this week are our Math, Science, French, and iOS Development programs!

Here’s a shoutout to some of our Thursday Classes, which we encourage you to sign up for!

If you are a teacher and interested in applying for any of the programs mentioned, you can apply by messaging the contact lead. As always, if you are a new teacher in YAPA Kids, please apply first through this link. We are now taking in the Class of 2026 to become new teachers for this school year. If you are in the Class of 2026 and are interested, please sign up! Teaching is not limited to the Class of 2026, we invite teachers from the Class of 2025, 2024, and 2023 to sign up as well. 

Note: The link provided is for all YAPA Kids’ programs.


For students interested in applying for any of our programs, please fill out the following link. Please note, emails regarding applications are sent to both student and parent emails. Make sure to check both!


In addition to our program announcements, we are launching YAPA Kids Merchandise! This is an amazing opportunity to not only buy cool merch but also support our teachers and students. The link to purchase merchandise is here, and as a reminder, it is available for everyone to buy!

Lastly, we have an interview from one of our members, Rithika Sharma, to show their experience with YAPA Kids. 

Q: What is your role in YAPA Kids?

A: I am a science lead! Along with Pallavi Shankar and Mia Hsu, we work together delegating roles and tasks regarding how we want to keep the system working. 


Q: Why do you enjoy being in YAPA Kids?

A: The community and concept is amazing! I think it’s awesome being able to develop such great connection for an even better cause. It makes me feel so humble to know I am able to better the lives of kids who might not have education easily accessible to them.

Q: How has YAPA Kids impacted you as a person?

A: It shaped me in a numerous amount of ways and showed me to be grateful for a lot of things. It;s helped me understand that not everyone is as fortunate as I am regarding how I gained my education, and how good it makes me feel to help people. Additionally, it’s make me such a better, happier person all around knowing I am positively impacting and benefiting someone’s life


We hope you enjoy these incoming warmer days. For any questions, please fill out a support ticket


The YAPA Kids Team

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