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YAPA Kids Newsletter

July 2022

Hello everyone!


July has arrived, and with that, we wish a Happy Fourth of July to all our YAPA Kids family who celebrate! We hope everyone is enjoying the warm days of summer through both relaxation and enrichment!


As summer comes to an end, we are happy to feature new programs to YAPA Kids!

Some new programs we are introducing include: Anatomy and Physiology, Web Development, and Philosophy and Critical Thinking. 


The Anatomy and Physiology Program strives to educate future medical professionals on the various parts of our human body and how they all cohesively work together. Through units divided up by the main body systems, students will get a sense for how each individual system is vital to our lives and well-being as well as how it interacts with the other body systems. Everything will be introduced through various forms of games, coloring pages, little experiments, and other fun-filled activities to make learning about the human body as fun as it can possibly be! All students are welcome to join and absolutely no prior knowledge is required.











In the Web Development Program, students will learn HTML, CSS, and Java Script coding languages to make a website! They will also learn about website design and formatting along with the history of the coding languages. Methods of collaborating on group projects pertaining to brainstorming and creating websites will be prevalent throughout the course. 


The Philosophy and Critical Thinking Program explores five branches of philosophy including logic, epistemology, metaphysics, aesthetics, and ethics. Through this course you’ll be able to investigate key questions like: “What makes a person good?” and “Where does knowledge come from?” This course is designed to be engaging and is perfect for the curious learner and deep thinker.


We also wish to shout out some amazing existing programs. These programs are Singing, Science, and Business!



If you are a teacher and interested in applying for any of the new programs mentioned, you can apply through messaging the contact lead. As always, if you are a new teacher in YAPA Kids, please apply first through this link. This link is applicable for all YAPA Kids’ programs. 


For students interested in applying for any of our programs, please fill out the following link . Please note, emails regarding applications are sent to both student and parent emails. Make sure to check both!


Lastly, we have an interview from one of our members, Annemarie Dauz, to show their experience with YAPA Kids. 










Q: What is your role in YAPA Kids?

A: I’m a teacher for Public Speaking! I’m also in the Team Expansion and Student Growth Teams. 


Q: Why do you enjoy being in YAPA Kids?

A: I love collaborating with different people to create amazing projects! It's my passion to work with people, and YAPA Kids has provided me with an amazing way to implement that. I also enjoy the new experiences I’ve encountered with teaching classes. Even if I’m the one teaching, I feel like I’ve learned the most while being with such an amazing group of kids. 

Q: How has YAPA Kids impacted you as a person?

A: Being in YAPA Kids definitely allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and take new opportunities. For example, I have involved myself in projects other than teaching classes since I joined Team Expansion and Project Management. Additionally, I’ve become more confident in my abilities as a student through working with YAPA Kids. I’ve learned how to find new ways to approach subjects and information which has helped me so much intellectually!


We hope you enjoy these incoming warmer days. For any questions, please fill out a

support ticket

The YAPA Kids Team

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