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Hamsika Nittala

Director of Student Growth

Hamsika Nittala

Hey! My name is Hamsika Nittala and I'm an incoming sophomore at Mountain House High School. I love to cook random recipes and have probably played every sport ever, in case you want to talk about that. As part of student growth, I manage all recruitment for teachers/students at YAPA. I work on building partnerships with outside organizations to push for our programs. I also manage a few of our programs, monitoring and such to make sure everything moves smoothly. I'm also the writer for our monthly newsletter, so let me know if you have any questions regarding the newsletter!

Why do you like helping out YAPA Kids?
I started YAPA as a teacher just a few months ago, my favorite part would definitely working with the younger kids. Debating about ice cream flavors or cartoon characters with them was probably one of my favorite times of the week.

What have you learned from teaching at YAPA Kids or otherwise contributing to the organization?
Teaching at YAPA Kids has shown me how important it is to make learning personal and fun for kids. Getting to know each student's way of learning has taught me how to create a friendly and exciting learning space.

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