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Gautum Bhooma


Gautum Bhooma

I'm a senior at The Harker School, and I have been working with YAPA Kids for over a year now. I am interested in the sciences, particularly chemistry and physics, alongside history and French. I also love hiking, painting, playing the violin, and playing with my dog.

What do you enjoy about YAPA Kids?
Being a teacher and a director, I enjoy working with YAPA Kids because of its mission: helping young children discover their inner passions in academics or the arts, while aiding high schooler teachers in connecting with their students. Furthermore, I have met many interesting, joyous, and awesome people with YAPA Kids, who have the initiative to drive or teach.

What have you learned from your experiences at YAPA Kids?
Through YAPA Kids, I learned the importance of connections, not only with younger children, but also with my peers and fellow teachers. I also developed a greater appreciation for my own teachers, and a gratefulness for my students who have a constant drive to learn. The commitment of all members of YAPA Kids is frankly incredible, and I am proud to work with them all in such a great organization. It also helped develop my values, which now rest heavily on the importance of education in this world.

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