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Denitsa Zvetkova

Director of Human Resources

Denitsa Zvetkova

Hi everyone! I am Denitsa, I am a senior at MAST@FIU, obsessed with stem cell engineering and debate. I've been involved in teaching for several years now and aim to spread my passion for science and debate amongst others in my community. I hope YAPA KIDS gives you all the confidence and inspiration to pursue your own passion. Education is the best type of adventure and so go get lost!

As the Director of Human Resources I am responsible for reviewing teacher applications, conducts interviews onboarding meetings. As the Director of Team Expansion I am responsible for marketing. I lead the following teams: membership, expansion, TikTok and Instagram teams

Expansion Team: works on expanding YAPA through emails, contacting organizations, etc
Membership Team: reviews teacher applications, conducts interviews & onboarding meetings
TikTok Team: marketing through TikTok
Instagram Team: marketing through Instagram

Why do you like helping out YAPA Kids?
"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” —Malcolm X
I want to be apart of YAPA KIDS's goal towards a brighter future in order to make a real difference in children's lives. YAPA takes the task of developing young people into kind, thoughtful and contributing adults very seriously. I am very grateful to be apart of this goal.

What have you learned from teaching at YAPA Kids or otherwise contributing to the organization?
The biggest takeaway I've gotten from teaching at YAPA Kids is that change is crucial. The education system gets naturally exhausted from the same old things and so do kids. The old version is never acceptable for long, both in teaching and building a community. If a system is not renewed frequently, it will be beaten by time. This is a large part of my job at YAPA, to make sure that everything stays "fresh."

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