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Class Time(s):

Option A: Saturday, 4:00 - 4:30 PM PT

Option B: Saturday, 3:00 - 3:30 PM PT

Grades: 1 to 8

Program Leader: Janelle Cai

Program Description: The prospect of learning a programming language might seem scary at first. However, you don’t need to be afraid! Programming can actually be quite simple. In the YAPA Kids Python Program, you will learn the fundamentals of coding with Python, which is a really simple coding language! Along with the basics, you will have the opportunity to implement what you’ve learned to engage in problem solving, as well as to use your imagination and creativity for doing fun projects, such as programming games!

Program Teachers: Janelle Cai, Nikhil Jagota, Anvita Gollu, Nathan Lan, Youqi Huang, Anusha Kankipati, Arushi Arora, Manasvi Lodha, Millie Huang, Alivia Zhang, Chandika Ramesh, Evan Wu, Vedika Sharma, Medha Kotra, Siddharth Taneja, Keerthi Chebrolu, Clarissa Li, Arjun Chandrasekar, Samantha Au, Navyaa Vemuri, Vara Arul, Janani Asokumar, Yash Chhatre, Ashwin Charles, Shivani Belambe, Richard Bai, Aditi Bobba

Teacher Bios

Janelle Cai

Hi! My name is Janelle and I will be a sophomore in the fall at Monta Vista High School. I have been coding for a few years now. I've competed in various coding competitions, such as USACO Silver level, and some local tournaments. I also program for my robotics team that has won various awards and gone to the world championships. Looking forward to meeting all of you in the classroom!

Nikhil Jagota

Hi everyone, my name is Nikhil Jagota! I am a rising junior at Fremont High School. Currently, I'm taking an AP Computer Science course at my high school, and though not on it this year, last year I participated in my school's robotics team to code the robot. I love to code, as there is so much creativity possible in coding, and my computer science class is always one of my favorite classes. I can't wait to teach others how to program!

Anvita Gollu

Hello everyone, my name is Anvita Gollu and I am a senior at Okemos High School interested in Computer Science and Data Science. I have taken AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles. Additionally, I have taken an 8 week data science bootcamp where I got python and SQL. I am currently dual enrolled for CS courses. Apart from that, I am a self taught web developer. I placed nationally in Business Professionals of America for Java and Web Development. I also really love participating in hackathons. I am excited to teach at YAPA Kids!

Nathan Lan

Yoohoo~ I'm Nathan Lan, sophomore at Carlmont High School. I know C++, Python,and R, mainly coding for robotics, machine learning, and data science. I'm getting into competition programming with USACO as well, and I look forward to meeting everyone! :D

Youqi Huang

Hi, I'm Youqi, a sophomore at Lynbrook High School. I've had experience coding with Python and Java and I'm looking forward to working with everyone!

Anusha Kankipati

Hi! My name is Anusha and I am a junior at Cupertino High School. I love coding and I am currently taking APCS in school. I look forward to help starting your programming journey!

Arushi Arora

Hey! I’m Arushi, a current sophomore at Cupertino High School taking APCS. I started coding in middle school, and have loved it ever since! In terms of experience, I have coded in Java and Python. There are so many applications of Computer Science in our world today, and there is so much to learn! I can't wait to teach you all!

Manasvi Lodha

Hey! My name is Manasvi Lodha, and I'm a sophomore at Cupertino High School. I'm really interested in Computer Science. I'm fluent in Java and I know some python. I've taken java classes at community college, and I was a part of organizing Pioneer Hacks 3. Can't wait to teach you all!

Millie Huang

Hi! My name is Millie Huang, and I'm really looking forward to teaching you all! I'm a rising junior at Monta Vista High School who has been coding for the past few years. My prior CS/programming experience includes Java through APCSA, along with some Python. I'm also a member of Girls Who Code. So excited for you all to explore your creativity through programming!

Alivia Zhang

Hello everyone! My name is Alivia, and I am a rising junior at American High School! I hope to inspire many of you guys to enjoy coding! Although I am not an expert in this field, I did do some coding back in 6th to 8th grade. I really enjoyed learning how to code, thus I want to bring the same joy to you guys! I love to work with kids and teach them things that makes them happy.

Chandika Ramesh

Hi I'm Chandika Ramesh and I'm a rising junior at Mission San Jose High School this year. Next year I will be taking AP Computer Science. I have some experience with Python and have taken a summer course for it. I am looking forward to having fun and teaching the students Python!

Evan Wu

Sup everyone, I'm Evan. I'm a rising sophomore at Aragon High School, and I have previous experience with Python and C++ and trying to learn Whitespace. I'm part of a VEX Robotics team, and I do competitive programming such as USACO. I look forward to teaching and talking to everyone, but probably not on Messenger :(

Vedika Sharma

Hey everyone! My name is Vedika Sharma and I am a rising sophomore in High school. I have been coding for a few years now. I like to code in Arduino and I enjoy making fun games in python. I have been to Makers Faire and I am a part of my High School Robotics Club. I can't wait to share my coding skills with you all!

Medha Kotra

Hey everyone! My name is Medha and I am a rising junior at Fremont High. I have programmed in various languages, including Python, JavaScript, and Java. Next year, I will be taking AP Computer Science. I enjoy working with children, whether it is volunteering with Reading Partners or working at summer camps. I cannot wait to share my passion for problem solving and programming with all of you!

Siddharth Taneja

Hello everyone, my name is Siddharth Taneja, or Sid, and I just completed my freshman year at Cupertino High School. I have a few years of coding experience, including several courses at De Anza College. I have a good amount of knowledge with Python and some real world applications, and I am excited to share my experiences with you all!

Keerthi Chebrolu

Hi, my name is Keerthi and I'm an upcoming sophomore at Foothill High School. I will be taking AP computer science in sophomore year. I have experience with python and java. While teaching myself, I developed a great interest for python. Therefore, I can't wait to spread my knowledge and passion with the kids here at YAPA!

Clarissa Li

Hey everyone! I'm Clarissa Li, and I'm a rising junior at Lynbrook High School with two years of Java experience. I have taken and tutored AP Computer Science A in school as well as Advanced Java courses outside of school. I learned Python through online courses, and I look forward to teaching the fundamentals of it!

Arjun Chandrasekar

Hey everyone! My name is Arjun and I'm a sophomore at Cupertino High School. I've been coding for about 4 years and have experience in both Python and Java. I can't wait to teach you guys what I know!

Samantha Au

Hey everyone! My name is Samantha Au and I am a rising junior at Monta Vista High School. In addition to having taken APCS A for Java, I also know Python and HTML. Over the past couple of years, I have been a part of my school's robotics team, and have even organized a hackathon! I can't wait to share my passion with you guys!

Navyaa Vemuri

Hi! My name is Navyaa Vemuri and I am a junior at Folsom High School. I've loved completing projects and taking class about python, and I can't wait to share my knowledge with you!

Vara Arul

Hi, My name is Vara! I recently learned python and have been using it for some mini projects so I'm excited to get to teach it!

Janani Asokumar

Hello! I am Janani Asokumar, a junior at lynbrook high school. As a sophomore I took an introductory CS course, where I became very comfortable with python. This year I will be taking APCS and will be furthering my programming knowledge. I'm very excited to be a python teacher and share my knowledge with students. I hope to have a great year!

Yash Chhatre

Coming Soon...

Ashwin Charles

Hey everyone! My name is Ashwin Charles and I'm going to be a sophomore next year. I loved learning Python this summer which made me want to share this active. growing programing language to others so more people can adapt to it. There's so much more I have to learn about the language and I can't wait to learn more further than just the fundamentals of it!

Shivani Belambe

Coming Soon...

Richard Bai

Hi, my name is Richard! I'm a sophomore at University of Toronto Schools. I've been learning Python for about half a year and I am planning to take the AP CSP this year. I really enjoy coding in Python because it is simple and fun! I can't wait to start teaching you the basics of Python!

Aditi Bobba

Hi! My name is Aditi Boba and I am a sophomore at Stevenson High School. I am taking AP Computer Science and I took Computer Science accelerated last year. I also have several certifications and verifications in Python from Microsoft and Harvard.

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