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Class Times(s):
Option A: Sundays, null
Option B: N/A

Grades: 1 to 8

Program Leader: Siddharth Taneja

Program Description: The YAPA Kids Debate program allows debaters to gain experience in both prepared and spontaneous speeches. At YAPA Kids, our debate program advocates for collaboration in the classroom, however, you are given the opportunity to be independent it comes to the actual debates. Aside from learning the art of debate, each one of you will gain valuable knowledge about current ethical issues, critical thinking, and composure. No prior experience is needed. I hope you'll join us!

Program Teachers: Aadith Kannan, Aditi Venkatraman, Aneesh Bhat, Anoop Bhat, Akshat Mehta, Siddharth Taneja, Amaan Bapoo, Srikar Pisupati, Rajasi Laddha, Michael Murray, Andrew Morrissey, Saloni Singhal, Usayd Ahmed, Charlie Yang, Yifan Wang, Oviya Seenraj, Priya Khatri, Grace Baek, Isabelle Reksopuro, Tanisha Paul, Neha Noor

Teacher Bios

Aadith Kannan

Hi everyone! My name is Aadith Kannan, and I’m a rising sophomore at Cupertino High School. I'm curerntly a part of my school's debate team. I’ve helped my teammates understand different debate arguments and topics throughout the year. I have judged numerous practice debates, and given positive as well as constructive feedback to both debaters. I have advanced to elimination rounds in all of the Lincoln Douglas debate tournaments I have attended this year, including the Martin Luther King Jr. Invitational tournament. I hope to see you all at debate!

Aditi Venkatraman

Hey everyone! My name is Aditi Venkatraman and I am a rising junior at Prospect High School. I have been doing Lincoln-Douglas debate for 3 years now and have extensive experience in the subject, thanks to the numerous tournaments I have attended. Currently, I am working on building a Lincoln-Douglas team at Prospect High School, as I am the only LD debater there. I can't wait to see all that you can accomplish as a debater!

Aneesh Bhat

Hey guys! My name is Aneesh Bhat and I am a rising junior at Cupertino High School. I have been doing Lincoln Douglas debate since seventh grade and am currently serving as Cupertino High School's LD captain for Speech and Debate. I have gotten awards at tournaments such as being a quarterfinalist and getting fourth speaker, and am currently competing at the National Speech and Debate tournament this summer (online) in World Schools Debate! I look forward to teaching you guys debate!

Anoop Bhat

Hi everyone! My name is Anoop Bhat and I am currently a rising junior at Cupertino High School. After looking at my debating skills/experience, dedication, as well as capability to teach, I was chosen as the LD Debate captain at Cupertino High School. Using my experience teaching LD debate to students at my high school, I am sure that I will be able to make all of you fluent in the world of debate!

Akshat Mehta

Hi! My name is Akshat Mehta, and I'm a rising sophomore at Cupertino High School. I've been doing Lincoln-Douglas debate for over two years now, and I'm currently a member of the LD program at my high school. Throughout my experience in debate, I've learned a lot about how to present an argument and convince others, and I've also succeeded at many tournaments. I'm excited to share my knowledge with all of you!

Siddharth Taneja

Hi, my name is Siddharth Taneja and I have been doing Lincoln Douglas debate for the better part of two years, first at my middle school in eighth grade and now as a freshman in high school. Over these last few years, I have attended several debate tournaments all over the bay. I am excited to share what I have learned about the fundamentals, as well as the more complex nuances of debate. See you soon!

Amaan Bapoo

Hi! My name is Amaan Bapoo, and I am a rising sophomore in Cupertino High School. I have been participating in debate for the past two years. I have participated in countless tournaments, and have placed high in tournaments such as the Santa Clara University Invitational and the Stanford Invitational. I hope to share my debate knowledge with you!

Srikar Pisupati

Hi everyone! My name is Srikar Pisupati, and I am a junior at Cupertino High School. I have been teaching debate at YAPA Kids for the past year, and I really enjoy it! I am currently a part of my school’s debate program, and I really enjoy it! I have been to a couple of tournaments, and I am well versed in the fundamentals. I think debate is really important, because it teaches students critical thinking, public speaking, and it improves our knowledge of current events. I’m excited to be able to help you all!

Rajasi Laddha

Coming Soon...

Michael Murray

I am Michael Murray (I go by Mikey) and I am a rising Junior at Aptos High School. I joined the Speech and Debate club at the beginning of my Sophomore year. I have participated in 3 debate competitions, 2 public speaking events, as well as Ethics Bowl. My club focused on parliamentary debate so that is the form I know best.

Andrew Morrissey

Hi everyone, I'm Andrew Morrissey and I'm a rising junior at Aptos High School. I am a varsity debater at Aptos High, with joining the debate team on week 1 of school. As you know, I do parliamentary debates, and have been to 7 competitions, each with 3 or 4 debates in them. I have also participated in the 2019 and 2020 ethics bowl competitions at UCSC, with even participating in the quarter finals in my first year.  I have also been a teacher for parliamentary debate at my school, so I have had some experience teaching how to debate. Although I wouldn't say I'm an expert at debate, but I have managed to win a debate by claiming e-cigarettes didn't have nicotine (even when the judge personally called me out), and nonetheless have experience that I can bring to the table!

Saloni Singhal

Hi! My name is Saloni Singhal and I'm a rising sophomore at Cupertino High School. I was introduced to debate when I was an 8th grader at Lawson Middle School and I have loved it since then. I have competed in about 6 tournaments and although there have been some very unmotivating experiences, I have taken every loss as a learning experience and have used it to better myself as a debater. Every tournament has been an extremely fun and educational experience and I'm thrilled to be able to share my knowledge with some of you as well!

Usayd Ahmed

Hi! I’m Usayd Ahmed and I am a rising sophomore at Cupertino High School. I have debated in Lincoln Douglas for 2 years, and have participated in several tournaments in both varsity and novice divisions. I look forward to helping others get better at debating.

Charlie Yang

Hi! My name is Charlie Yang and I'm a rising junior at Methacton High School. I've attended a several debate camps and have learned a lot about debate. I'm looking forward to working with all of you!

Yifan Wang

Hi! My name is Yifan Wang and I'm a sophomore at Lowell High School. At the start of my freshman year, I joined my school's Parliamentary debate team. My partner and I have been into multiple tournaments, going on a positive record for each one. I hope to teach you about the basics of debate!

Oviya Seenraj

Hi! My name is Oviya Seeniraj and I’m a junior at Lynbrook High School. I’ve been doing debate since the seventh grade, and it’s one of my biggest passions. I’ve competed in both the Lincoln Douglas and the Public Forum formats, and I’m an accomplished varsity debater in both. But debate expands so much farther than just participating in tournaments and striving to win - it’s revolutionized my communication, critical thinking, and public speaking skills. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you!

Priya Khatri

Hi! My name is Priya Khatri and I’m a junior at Cypress Bay High School in south Florida. I’m currently a Public Forum debater at my high school and Ive been debating for 3 1/2 years now. I’ve helped my team research numerous topics and have judged at many tournaments and practice rounds. I help my peers improve by giving them constructive feedback on what they can improve to become better debaters. I have advanced to elimination rounds in the Blue Key invitational, Berkeley JV Invitational, and the SunInvitational. I hope to see you all at debate!

Grace Baek

Hey everyone! My name is Grace Baek and I’m currently a junior at Cypress Bay High School. I’ve been doing debate since 8th grade, and have taught elementary/middle school students as well as judged many tournaments. I’ve placed at numerous local, state, and national tournaments in Public Forum, and I’m super excited to teach all of you how to debate!!

Isabelle Reksopuro

My name is Isabelle Reksopuro, and I'm a sophomore at Clackamas High School! I’ve been debating since I was in middle school, and I've done various styles of debate. I help judge middle school debate tournaments and give the debaters constructive feedback. I hope to see you all in debate!

Tanisha Paul

My name is Tanisha Paul, and I'm a sophomore at Hoffman Estates High school. I have helped a lot of my teammates practice their speeches during practices and even tournaments. I have attended 6 ICDA meets so far, one including the Harper State Meet in which I got 3rd place for my chamber. I look forward to seeing everyone in debate!

Neha Noor

Hey everyone! My name is Neha Noor & i’m currently a junior in high school. I have been a part of my mock trial team for three years, and I have participated in several debates all throughout high school. I’m extremely excited to be teaching this debate class this year :)

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