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YAPA Kids is Continuing in the Fall!

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Dear YAPA Kids community,

We are excited to announce that YAPA Kids is continuing for the fall and for the long term! Teaching the next generation of students has been our greatest joy, and we hope to further your experience by continuing to offer classes during the new school year.

For this initial run starting in April up until this upcoming week (ending August 8), we consider Session 1. Now, we’re planning to synchronize with the school year, so we’re starting YAPA Kids Session 2’s classes on August 10. This is a great time to explore a different class, or sign up for the next grade of the program you are currently part of!

If you are interested in continuing to learn as part of YAPA Kids (or are currently on the waitlist), please use our new form:

As with any new year there are a few crucial changes that we would like to inform you of:

  1. Based on teacher schedules class times may have changed. You may find the class timings here:

  2. At the same time, we are now offering two available class time options to allow for more flexibility for you — you may indicate which you prefer on the form.

  3. All students (new and returning) must sign up at the link above. Otherwise, your classes as part of YAPA Kids Session 1 will end this week (last class of Year 1 is August 8).

  4. Some programs may not be returning for Session 2. A full list of available programs can be found on the program page of our website, linked above, or on our sign-up form.

We would like to stress that quality is our highest priority, and our maximum class size will not exceed 10 in order to give your students the attention in class that they deserve. As a community organization of passionate high school student-volunteers, we do not and will not charge any fees or prices for our programs.

If you would like multiple classes:

  1. To request 1 class, please use

  2. If you are interested in a 2nd class, please follow the link at the end of the 1st class sign-up form to request a second.

Sign ups will continue even after programs start, but signing up early will allow your student to be entered into our rosters based on whether they are a returning student and then first-come-first-serve.

In order to establish a more direct connection to you all, we have created a parent Facebook group! Here you can meet each other, talk about classes, receive updates and much more. To join the group, please press on this link:

Finally, as YAPA Kids is a program specifically for students in 1st-8th grade, students who were in 8th grade during the 2019-2020 school year have officially “graduated” YAPA Kids. We hope you enjoyed classes and learned something during your time here. We also wish you good luck for the future!

We look forward to teaching your student in the classroom!


YAPA Kids Team


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