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Kelsey Miguel

What is your favorite part of being a teacher?

My favorite part about being a teacher is seeing the progression my students make each week. It's so fulfilling to be the one to receive questions if one of the students doesn't understand a certain topic and it makes me really happy to be able to help them out in understanding a concept. At the same time, I love being able to keep track of their progress every week.

What do you enjoy about teaching here at YAPA Kids?

What I love about teaching for YAPA Kids is how engaging the curriculum is and how the students are always so active in participating and asking questions. Each of the students have a unique learning experience that I get to be a part of. In addition, I just love how accessible YAPA Kids is and the fact that the organization tries to accommodate each and every one of the students and teachers.

What have you learned from teaching kids/at YAPA Kids?

I have learned that not only can I be a teacher to some of these students, but that they have a lot to teach me as well. Learning is a two way street and both ends can lead to success. Being teacher isn't just telling students what they need to do or learn, but also about being open to their ideas and being a good listener to their stories and struggles. Ultimately, what we're aiming for is success in progression and not for perfection.

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