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Vibha Sriram

Director Of Operations

Vibha Sriram

Hi! My name is Vibha, and I am a rising senior at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, California. I've been a part of YAPA Kids for 3 years. I love to run, play clarinet and piano, and hang out with friends. I also love science and research, and helping students explore the world around them. As a Director of Operations, I oversee a portion of programs and help manage their day to day operations. I hold biweekly meetings with my programs to make sure everything is in order, and to provide additional support for incoming and current teachers. I oversee all of our computer science and business programs, as well as a few performing arts ones too.

Why do you like helping out YAPA Kids? What motivated you to join this organization?

I love helping out at YAPA Kids because it is an opportunity to give back to my community. I was once a student at YAPA Kids, and the positive environment and support I received from my teachers helped me grow incredibly as a student. I love helping students explore their passions deeper and discover their new interests.

What have you learned from teaching at YAPA Kids or otherwise contributing to the organization? Have you enjoyed your time here?

I learned the value of human connection and the privilege that education is. I've taught in a variety of programs, from sciences, to music theory, and business. Every class and every student teaches me about the value in connecting with students and provides an opportunity to further their learning and develop their own projects. I thoroughly enjoy the privilege to teach aspiring students and give back to my community.

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