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Aadya Deepak

Director of Outreach

Aadya Deepak

Hi! My name is Aadya Deepak and I'm in the graduating high school class of 2025. I'm based in Seattle, WA and I'm extremely excited to be a part of the exec board this year! I manage social media (Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more) and getting the word out about YAPA Kids, whether that be through other organizations or grassroots efforts.

Why do you like helping out YAPA Kids? What motivated you to join this organization?

I love teaching, so it was very natural for me to start volunteering for YAPA Kids as soon as I heard about it. I love talking about things I'm passionate about, so it was natural for me to join an organization where I could not only talk about what I love (biology) but also help make others realize how great it is too. In all seriousness, I love seeing that lightbulb moment go off in my student's head, when they realize the magic of science, and this is the main reason I joined YAPA Kids.

What have you learned from teaching at YAPA Kids or otherwise contributing to the organization? Have you enjoyed your time here?

I have learned so much from my students and from working with the other exec members, and the community is incredible. I have loved my time here, and am excited for the rest of our time together!

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