Option A: Friday, 4:30 - 5:00 PM PT

Option B: Saturday, 1:30 - 2:00 PM PT

Grades: 1 to 8

Program Leader: Maggie Lee

Other Team Members: Alyssa Yao, Angelica Wang, Maggie Dong, Audreena Javid, Erin Wang, Danielle Boswell, Jennifer Liu, Jay Wang, Suranjana Sooraj, Esha Khangura, Catherine Park, Katie To, Annie Hua, Sai Rohan Jaya Prakash, Nikhita Chintareddy, Grace Baek, Saloni Singhal, Dominique Ruedaflores, Britt Vanlerberghe, Chrizsean Venette, Alexandria Pak, Grace Jeong, Aryanna Mendoza, Radeyah H Almamun, Isabelle Reksopuro, Nora Zhen, Sayem Kamal, Rowan Hillhouse, Isabella Wang, Madison Hounsell, Priscilla Bissah, Abhiram Cheedepudi, Kayla Tashiro, Erica Wang, Lily Parekh, Christelyn Larkin, Yalda Said

YAPA Kids Writing sparks an interest in writing through incorporating the students’ own experiences and imagination to strengthen their composition and elaboration skills. By integrating writing revolving around classic genres and topics as well as creative thinking, students are able to express themselves through the art of words. Under the guidance of local high schoolers, you will learn the basics structures and beneath-the-surface intentions of well-written works to strengthen your own pieces.


Maggie Lee
Britt Vanlerberghe
Maggie Dong
Alexandria Pak
Grace Jeong
Danielle Boswell
Radeyah H Almamun
Suranjana Sooraj
Catherine Park
Annie Hua
Sai Rohan Jaya Prakash
Grace Baek
Alyssa Yao
Angelica Wang
Chrizsean Venette
Audreena Javid
Erin Wang
Aryanna Mendoza
Jennifer Liu
Jay Wang
Esha Khangura
Katie To
Nikhita Chintareddy
Saloni Singhal
Dominique Ruedaflores

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