Class Time(s):

Option A: Friday, 3:00 - 3:30 PM PT

Option B: Saturday, 1:00 - 1:30 PM PT

Grades: 1 to 8

Program Leader: Melissa Prince

Program Description: Welcome to the YAPA Kids Psychology program! By joining this program, you will learn all about the human mind. This involves topics such as the human brain, types of psychology, psychological disorders, and more! We will partake in fun-filled activities like personality tests, creating your own theory of well-being, and exploring careers in the field of psychology. Anyone between grades 1-8 are welcome to join and no prior experience needed!

Program Teachers: Melissa Prince, Savannah Storms, Marianne Doss, Harini Dev, Rhea Razdan, Francesca Lam, Jenna Oling, Viviana Cruz, Ava Spalding, Katherine De Paz, Mia Wang, John Cintron, Nyla Maharaj, Meelana Pham, Yukino Wakatsuki, Siya Arora, Dominique Ruedaflores, Elana Collins, Antwnila Haroun, Samantha Castro, Christien Monello,Tyler Turner, Isabelle Reksopuro, Vijayashree Ramamurthy Gayathri, Tanisha Paul, Ruthie Bell, Amelia Smith, Anna Carter, Nya Pitts, Saisha Griffith, Katie To, Priscilla Bissah, Minyu Huang

Teacher Bios

Melissa Prince
Savannah Storms
Marianne Doss
Harini Dev
Rhea Razdan
Francesca Lam
Jenna Oling
Viviana Cruz
Ava Spalding
Katherine De Paz
Mia Wang
John Cintron
Nyla Maharaj
Meelana Pham
Yukino Wakatsuki
Siya Arora
Dominique Ruedaflores
Elana Collins
Antwnila Haroun
Samantha Castro
Christien Monello
Tyler Turner
Isabelle Reksopuro
Vijayashree R. Gayathri
Tanisha Paul
Ruthie Bell
Amelia Smith
Anna Carter
Nya Pitts
Saisha Griffith
Katie To
Priscilla Bissah
Minyu Huang

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