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Class Time(s):

Option A: Friday, 5:00 - 5:30 PM PT

Option B: Saturday, 1:00 - 1:30 PM PT

Grades: 1 to 8

Program Leader: Melissa Prince

Program Description: Welcome to the YAPA Kids Psychology program! By joining this program, you will learn all about the human mind. This involves topics such as the human brain, types of psychology, psychological disorders, and more! We will partake in fun-filled activities like personality tests, creating your own theory of well-being, and exploring careers in the field of psychology. Anyone between grades 1-8 are welcome to join and no prior experience needed!

Program Teachers: Melissa Prince, Rhea Razdan, Francesca Lam, Meelana Pham, Ava Spalding, Yukino Wakatsuki, Siya Arora, Saisha Griffith, John Cintron, Dominique Ruedaflores, Elana Collins, Samantha Castro, Jada Jacobson, Vijayashree Ramamurthy Gayathri, Amelia Smith, Kiersten Kelne, Preya Patel, Haniya Irfan, Priyanka Napoly, Sophia Lee.

Teacher Bios

Melissa Prince

Hello everybody! My name is Melissa Prince and I’m a junior from Ontario, Canada. I am a part of my school’s science club and mental health club. I have had many psychology related discussions with my peers in science club. I am the Vice President of an organization called Daily Tea and we conducted research about specific branches of psychology. Also, I am a member of organizations such as Medical Marvels and Neuroscience Foundation. I hope to share my knowledge with you.

Rhea Razdan

Hi! My name is Rhea Razdan and I'm a junior from Conant High School. I am part of my science club and I'm taking AP Pyschology this year. I am a part of the medical clubs at my school where we focus on different branches on medicine (like psychology). I'm excited to start teaching psychology!

Meelana Pham

Hi! My name is Meelana Pham and I’m a senior at Cupertino High School in California. I have an immense passion for psychology and have taken many classes to learn more about this interesting science. I love and enjoy teaching students new things and watching them learn and grow as they process the information. I also have experience teaching students from other YAPA programs as well as tutoring at school and home. I look forward to teaching you all and hope everyone has a fun time in this psychology program!

Francesca Lam

Hi everybody! My name is Francesca and I’m a junior from Ontario, Canada. I recently studied advanced psychology and sociology and loved the subject! I can’t wait to share what I know with all of you and look forward to meeting soon!

Ava Spalding

Hello! I’m Ava Spalding and I’m a sophomore from Moraga, California. I love learning and science, and my dream job is to work in medicine. Some psychology-related activities I’ve participated in are my schools’ neuropsychology and students in research club, as well as attending neuroscience camps at Stanford. I also have teaching experience working as a volunteer music tutor through my school. I’m really excited to meet you all and get to teaching!

Yukino Wakatsuki

Hey! My name is Yukino and I am a Junior at Franklin High School. I have always enjoyed the topic of psychology, and currently, I am taking IB psychology and have taken other psychology classes in the past. In addition, I am the Vice President of my school’s Science National Honors society and a member of Science Olympiad. I hope to help engage others in my passion of psychology and help expand the kids’ curious minds!!

Siya Arora

Hi everyone! I’m Siya Arora, a sophomore from Los Angeles, California. I am a part of my school’s STEMM Magnet program where we explore many topics related to the field of psychology. In addition, I have recently taken a psychology course at a community college over the Summer which has once again sparked my interest in this fascinating subject. I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you all, see you in class!

Saisha Griffith

Hi! My name is Saisha and I'm a grade 12 student from Toronto, Canada. I loved learning about psychology during my social sciences class last year, and I'm so excited to be able to discuss it with all of the students! I'm particulary interested in personality, psychological disorders, and social psychology :)

John Cintron

Hello! My name is John Cintron and I’m a student at Fort Myers High School. Last year, I took Psychology class and that introduced me to the highly interesting subject! I am also a part of my school’s Science National Honor Society, and science is one of my favorite subjects. I especially love Psychology because it can be applied to everyday life and never gets boring.

Dominique Ruedaflores

Hello everyone! My name is Dominique Ruedaflores and I'm currently a junior from Los Angeles, California. Psychology has always been one of my strongest passions, as I frequently research, watch documentaries, and read books about different psychological laws, theories, and phenomenons. I even took a psychology class last year, where I greatly expanded my knowledge in psychology. All in all, I love understanding and learning more about the human mind, along with its' behaviors, habits, and actions. I am thoroughly looking forward to teaching with you all!

Elana Collins

Hello Everyone! I’m Elana Collins, a sophomore from Dallas, Texas. All the components and elements that going into our actions, behaviors, emotions and thoughts are so complex and this is why I love to dive deeper and explore all the work happening under the surface. I look forward to sharing with you what I know and expanding our knowledge together.

Samantha Castro

Hello everyone!! My name is Samantha Castro and I am currently a junior at Ramona Convent in Alhambra, California. I have a very keen interest in psychology and plan to become a psychiatrist in the future. I love learning about behavior, disorders, dreams, etc. and even taking AP Psychology to further my learning. Learning is an important part of who I am as in every second we are constantly learning and discovering new information. I am excited to share my knowledge and my further knowledge to other students who share the same passion I have for this subject! I hope to see you guys soon!

Jada Jacobson

Hello! My name is Jada Jacobson and I love being apart of the psychology department within Yapa Kids. I I live in the suburbs of Chicagoland. I am going into junior year of high school and just finished Ap Psychology last year. I can not wait to work with you all!

Vijayashree R. Gayathri

Hi everyone! I am Vijayashree and I am a senior in High School here in Northern California! I love learning about the social aspects of psychology and combined with the medicine behind the brain's function, I am fascinated by this subject! My interest for psychology sparked when I participated in my school's Psychology club. I learned so much about Psychology and I can't wait to teach younger students who love psychology or want to discover this field!

Amelia Smith

Hi everyone my name is Amelia! I'm currently a junior at Potomac Falls High School here in Virginia, and I have a passion for Psychology. I love teaching the kids here at YAPA, and I'm so excited to share my love for Psychology with them!

Kiersten Kelne

Hello! My name is Kiersten Kelne and I have an interest in all sciences, but psychology is my favorite. I plan on majoring in psychology in college and I hope to be a psychiatrist one day! I look forward to helping in any way I can, so thank you!

Preya Patel

Hi! I'm Preya, and I am a rising junior from Monroe, New Jersey. I love learning about clinical and behavioral psychology. I think learning how the brain works can be one of the biggest mysteries that scientists still have not been able to crack. I started to become more interested in Psychology when doing research about psychoanalysis, and I have been in love ever since. I can't wait to meet you!

Haniya Irfan

Hi!! My name is Haniya Irfan and I'm going to be a senior at American High this fall. Psychology is probably one of my favorites of all the sciences.. there is so much you can do in the field of Psychology and it's just overall such an interesting topic. I look forward to working with all of you!!

Priyanka Napoly

Hi everyone! I’m Priyanka and I am a rising junior from California! I’m really excited to be involved in the psychology program here at YAPA and find it especially unique. Uncovering the many layers within the human brain as well as understanding all of these specific behaviors is highly intriguing and allows us to further advance!

Sophia Lee


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