Medical Enrichment


Medical Enrichment

Class Time(s):

Option A: Monday, 3:30 - 4:00 PM PT

Option B: Thursday, 4:30 - 5:00 PM PT

Grades: 1 to 8

Program Leader: Princess Hannah Santillan

Program Description: YAPA Kids Medical Enrichment is an introductory program designed for students who are interested in and or planning to work in the medical field. The program provides students with the opportunity to explore a variety of units in healthcare including medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology, and even First Aid. The course teaches students how to perform First Aid, understand different forms of terminology used in a clinical unit, and investigate the intricacies of the human body. By exploring the different aspects of the medical field, students enrich their understanding of the healthcare world and become one step closer in becoming a medical professional. All you need to take this course is the desire to learn as no prior knowledge is required!

Program Teachers: Princess Hannah Santillan, Nikhil Pasumarthi, Ashley Perez, Alan Xuzhang, Shweta Srinivasan, Vijayashree Ramamurthy Gayathri, Kridtin Siripintu, Maggie Lee, Nikhita Chintareddy, Alekhya Sreerama, Audrey Lui, Nithya Madhu, Minqi Huang, Aditi Venkatraman, Archita Srinivasa, Isaias Martinez, Asritha Kota, Yumna Saiyed, Sophia Wu, Nitya Gourishetty, Bridget Wong, WenWen Gu, Lalain Javaid, Reva Mahto, Abby Melton, Melissa Prince, Christien Monello, Clara Abdelmalek, Shruti Nene

Teacher Bios

Princess H. Santillan
Nikhil Pasumarthi
Ashley Perez
Alan Xuzhang
Shweta Srinivasan
Vijayashree R. Gayathri
Kridtin Siripintu
Maggie Lee
Nikhita Chintareddy
Alekhya Sreerama
Audrey Lui
Nithya Madhu
Minqi Huang
Aditi Venkatraman
Archita Srinivasa
Isaias Martinez
Asritha Kota
Yumna Saiyed
Sophia Wu
Nitya Gourishetty
Bridget Wong
WenWen Gu
Lalain Javaid
Reva Mahto
Abby Melton
Melissa Prince
Christien Monello
Clara Abdelmalek
Shruti Nene

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