Class Time(s):

Option A: Thursday, 4:00 - 4:30 PM PT

Option B: Monday, 4:00 - 4:30 PM PT

Grades: 1 to 8

Program Leader: Michael Murray

Program Description: Math can sometimes seem easy and boring, but oftentimes, that's just the school curriculum. In YAPA Kids Math, we'll be tackling a unique curriculum and a new type of problem for the more advanced students: AMC 8 competition math problems. These are fun, interesting, and most of all, out-of-the-box questions that will significantly improve the students' logical abilities, applicable to all fields of STEM. Logical reasoning skills, when trained from an early age, can give students an edge in high school and in life for any problem solving. We will start of with the easier questions that anyone in grades 4-7 can solve, and gradually move up to more challenging questions as students become better equipped and skilled at creating solutions. Other than these problems, each class has their own quiz-style curriculum that aims to help students practice their math fundamentals. We aim towards providing weekly practice that can help many improve and polish their math skills.

Program Teachers: Michael Murray, Nikhil Jagota, Princess Santillan, Ramya Palani, Nont Kaewtrakulpong, Audreena Javid, Erin Wu, Annitha Krishnan, Arushi Arora, Sophia Wu, Pranavshri Hariharan, Jasmita Yechuri, Jane Choi, Jason Hu, Sonya Surapaneni, Taylor Hu, Vivian Li, Jay Wang, Rahul Rangaraaj, Rachel Zeng, Srikar Pisupati, Nikhil Pasumarthi, Patrick Li, Arush Medam, Michael Xiong, Harshitha Marepally, Advika Rajaraman, Andrew Boldi, Anusha Bhat, John Cintron, Bridget Wong, Cailean Fernandez, Catherine Park, Charly Ng, Harshith Suresh, Isabelle Reksopuro, Isaias Martinez, Kaylee Bae, Levina La, Michelle Ip, Michelle Lim, Nayan Moni, Phani Chunduru, Piam Parekh, Radeyah Almamun, Saketh Ippagunta, Sam Sri, Sarnaz Rezane, Satvik Shrivastava, Shaarvari Malladi, Angelo Valencia, Tejas Polu, Truc Le, Yajat Ambati, Yash Chhatre, Nyla Maharaj, Lauren Korsun, Grace Park, Sarah Schroeder, Jocelyn Ramirez, Kaitlyn Nguyen, Reva Mahto, Marianne Doss, Maria Garcia, Kabir Bajwa, Mia Wang, Antwnila Haroun, Kaitlyn Le, Connie Huang, Vic Kuang

Teacher Bios

Michael Murray
Nikhil Jagota
Princess Santillan
Ramya Palani
Nont Kaewtrakulpong
Audreena Javid
Erin Wu
Annitha Krishnan
Arushi Arora
Sophia Wu
Pranavshri Hariharan
Jasmita Yechuri
Jane Choi
Jason Hu
Sonya Surapaneni
Taylor Hu
Vivian Li
Jay Wang
Rahul Rangaraaj
Rachel Zeng
Srikar Pisupati
Nikhil Pasumarthi
Patrick Li
Arush Medam
Michael Xiong
Harshitha Marepally
Advika Rajaraman
Andrew Boldi
Anusha Bhat
John Cintron
Bridget Wong
Cailean Fernandez
Catherine Park
Charly Ng
Harshith Suresh
Isabelle Reksopuro
Isaias Martinez
Kaylee Bae
Levina La
Michelle Ip
Michelle Lim
Nayan Moni
Phani Chunduru
Piam Parekh
Radeyah Almamun
Saketh Ippagunta
Sam Sri
Sarnaz Rezane
Satvik Shrivastava
Shaarvari Malladi
Angelo Valencia
Tejas Polu
Truc Le
Yajat Ambati
Yash Chhatre
Nyla Maharaj
Lauren Korsun
Grace Park
Sarah Schroeder
Jocelyn Ramirez
Kaitlyn Nguyen
Reva Mahto
Marianne Doss
Maria Garcia
Kabir Bajwa
Mia Wang
Antwnila Haroun
Kaitlyn Le
Connie Huang
Vic Kuang

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