Literary Analysis


Literary Analysis


Option A: Wednesday, 4:30 - 5:00 PM PT

Option B: Saturday, 4:30 - 5:00 PM PT

Grades: 1 to 8

Program Leader: Grace Zhang

Other Team Member: Angelica Wang, Olivia Song, Nicolas Ramel, Navyaa Vemuri, Erin Wang, Kayla Yu Chen, Grace Hendricks, Kristeen Mobe, Sonya Surapaneni, Taylor Hu, Tamanna Malhotra, Neha Mali, Mia Patil, Joel Elangovan, Angelina Chen, Trevor Lei, Alan Zheng, Michelle Hom, Rahul Rangaraaj, Arush Medam, Soomin Sun, Anushka Saran, Rajasi Laddha, Vijayashree Ramamurthy Gayathri, Aishwarya Marishetty, Rahul Allamraju, Sofia Vitale, Alekhya Sreerama, Sara Shirazi, Maya Jagota

Reading is easy—understanding what you’ve read is the hard part. It’s too often that students finish reading a novel without ever realizing what the author was alluding to or what anything meant beyond face value. YAPA Kids’ reading program seeks to address this issue by not only exploring different literary texts, but also engaging in in-depth rhetorical analysis in order to best understand each author’s underlying message. Through the class, students will also be able to strengthen their aptitude in reading comprehension and expand their vocabulary. Students of all grade levels are welcome to join and improve their ability to read critically!


Grace Zhang
Olivia Song
Navyaa Vemuri
Grace Hendricks
Taylor Hu
Sonya Surapaneni
Mia Patil
Angelina Chen
Alan Zheng
Rahul Rangaraaj
Soomin Sun
Rajasi Laddha
Aishwarya Marishetty
Rahul Allamraju
Alekhya Sreerama
Erin Wang
Nicolas Ramel
Kayla Yu Chen
Kristeen Mobe
Tamanna Malhotra
Neha Mali
Joel Elangovan
Trevor Lei
Michelle Hom
Arush Medam
Anushka Saran
Vijayashree Ramamurthy Gayathri
Angelica Wang
Sofia Vitale
Sara Shirazi
Maya Jagota

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