iOS Developement


iOS Development

Class Time(s):

Option A: Thursday, 4:45 - 5:15 PM PT

Option B: Saturday, 5:00 - 5:30 PM PT

Grades: 3 to 8

Program Leader: Srikar Pisupati

Program Description: Have you ever wondered how iOS apps come to life? In the YAPA Kids iOS Development program, students will learn all the steps needed to create iOS projects, in a fun and supportive learning environment. Students will enhance their logic and problem-solving skills while also learning Swift, an up-and-coming programming language intended for iOS design. Furthermore, students will learn how to create colorful User Interfaces, and eventually how to build their own apps! No experience needed! I hope you will join us!

P.S. It is required that the student is in 3rd grade or higher, and has a MacBook..

Program Teachers: Srikar Pi, Shiama Srikantan, Pranav Kumar Soma, Yash Aggarwal, and Siddharth Taneja

Teacher Bios

Srikar Pi

Hello everyone! My name is Srikar Pisupati, and I am a junior at Cupertino High School. I was a part of an iOS app-building club at my school, and I really enjoyed it! I loved creating the different aspects of a real-world app, such as the UI and the functions. I greatly enjoyed the problem solving aspect too. In addition, I took AP Computer Science last year, and know the fundamentals of programming. Also, I have been a teacher at YAPA Kids for the past year, and have really enjoyed teaching students. Looking forward to guiding you all!

Shiama Srikantan

Hey everyone! My name is Aryan Shelke and I’m a rising senior at Monta Vista High School. I have taken Java Programming and AP Computer Science A in school. At De Anza, I have taken multiple C++ classes and app and web development classes. In addition, I have used Arduino programming when constructing an e-bike with a group of friends. My team won 3rd place in a hackathon for creating a face detector app that breaks people’s habits of touching their faces. In another hackathon, my team won the honorable mention for the best website, which was a home fitness website that allows people to design their own workouts. At another organization, I have done scriptwriting and have created Java videos. I look forward to teaching you all the basics of C++ and fundamental computer programming skills.

Pranav Kumar Soma

Hi my name is Daniel Felix, and I am a rising sophmore at St Francis High School. I come from a java background, as I have been learning c++ for the past few weeks. My experience in CS is in hack a thons, and I am working with a friend to develop a small mini game with unity. I am extremely passionate about computer science, and can't wait to teach!

Yash Aggarwal

Hey everyone! I'm Clarissa Li, and I'm a rising junior at Lynbrook High School with two years of Java experience. I have taken and tutored AP Computer Science A in school as well as Advanced Java courses outside of school. I learned C++ through Arduino courses, and I look forward to teaching the fundamentals of it!

Siddharth Taneja

Hey everybody! My name is Anurag and I'm a rising sophomore in high school. I have had coding experience in the past in a multitude of languages, soI have a wide array (no pun intended) of knowledge. I hope to see you soon!