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Grades: 1 to 8

Program Leader: Amaan Bapoo

Program Description: Are you bored at home and want to travel the world? In the YAPA Kids Geography program, you will journey through the entire world from the screen of your computer! Through our lessons, we will explore different countries and landforms while maintaining a fun and interactive environment. All skill levels welcome to expand your geographic knowledge!

Class Times(s):
Option A: Mondays, null
Option B: Wednesdays, null

Program Teachers: Amaan Bapoo, Aditya Rao, Siddharth Navale, Tejas Polu, Amogh Chowdiah, Harshitha Marepally, Erin Wu, Virginia You, Sonya Surapaneni, Amritha Balaji, Hesham Zackariah, Alexandria Pak, Arush Medam, Briana Lonappan, Harleen Gulati, Aethena Fitzgerald, Emily Sansano, Ella Papadenis, Sayem Kamal

Teacher Bios

Amaan Bapoo

Hi everyone! My name is Amaan Bapoo and I am a rising sophomore at Cupertino High School. Ever since I was young, I was always interested in geography. I participated in several Geography Bees in elementary and middle school, and I placed high every year. I hope to share my knowledge with you!

Aditya Rao

Hi everyone! I'm Aditya Rao, a rising sophomore at Cupertino High School. I have a passion for learning geography and have placed high in several geography bees. I am really excited to teach you guys!

Siddharth Navale

Ahoy! Hey there, students, I'm Siddharth Navale. I'm a rising sophomore at Cupertino High School. My family has been traveling forever. I have visited Costa Rica, France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, and many more! Each trip increases my interest for this beautiful world. I can't wait to spread my enthusiasm and knowledge!

Tejas Polu

Hi guys, I am Tejas Polu, a rising sophomore at Cupertino High School. I've always had an interest in geography and wanted to share my passion with others. I'm really excited to teach you guys!

Amogh Chowdiah

Hello! My name is Amogh Chowdiah, and I am very excited to be teaching geography here at YAPA kids! I have been participating in National Geography Bees ever since I was in fourth grade, and have always adored the subject. I enjoy travelling and witnessing how geography impacts billions of people. I look forward to teaching this class!

Harshitha Marepally

Hi!! My name is Harshita and I am so excited to teach with YAPA Kids! I am a junior, and have always been interested in learning about the world and other places! I took AP Human Geography freshman year and loved learning about how geography and the places people live impact their culture and lives! I hope to share my knowledge and passion with everyone and I look forward to teaching this class!

Erin Wu

Hi my name is Erin Wu and I am a junior in Saratoga High School. I have always been a huge fan of geography and admiring the intricate maps we had in our textbooks. I really look forward to teaching all of you!!

Virginia You

My name is Virginia You, and I am a junior this year. I took AP Human Geography my freshman year and really enjoyed it. Regardless, I love learning about different cultures and how people around the world live, and hope to encourage other children to learn as well.

Sonya Surapaneni

hey everyone! i’m sonya, a sophomore from the athenian school, always looking to help people around the world. i'm looking forward to meeting all of you! :)

Amritha Balaji

Hi, my name is Amritha! have experience from early on as a member of Geobee. I was in geobee for two years. I really enjoy geography and I believe that geography is so fascinating because it allows for being cultural enrichment. I hope to teach students to be aware and appreciate global diversity.

Hesham Zackariah

Hi! I'm Puja Shah and I'm currently a sophmore at Mission San Jose High. Ever since I was little, I have had a deep passion for art, and over the years I have tried out various types of art. I look forward to passing on what I have learned over the years to you!

Alexandria Pak

Hello everyone, my name is Alexandria Pak! As someone who loves learning about different cultures and people, I am so happy to be able to teach geography. I have competed in the final rounds of two geography school-wide competitions. I look forward to working with students who feel the share my enthusiasm!

Arush Medam

hello, my name is Arush and I am a sophomore at Cupertino High I've always been interested about geography ever since elementary school. I don’t have extensive experience in geo but with my teaching experience and liking of geography I think I can teach the info really well

Briana Lonappan

Hi, my name is Briana Lonappan! Geography is something that I have always been interested in since I was a kid. My parents are immigrants and we would often travel back to my parent’s home country, and on our way there we would stop by at different locations and that was what really got me into geography. Geography is really important to me because it gives me a better understanding of how history took place and my goal is to really help others feel the same way.

Harleen Gulati

Hi My Name is Harleen Gulati and I took a geography class through middle school. I love traveling and I love history and learning new things and about other cultures.

Aethena Fitzgerald

Hi, my name is Athena. I am currently a junior at Cypress Bay High School. In 9th grade, I took Ap Human Geography. On the AP exam, I got a 4 and I like geography a lot.

Emily Sansano

Hi my name is emily Sansano, I am a sophomore at Fremont Highschool and I have always been interested in Geography since I was little and would love to spread that energy and interest with others

Ella Papadenis

Hi, my name is Ella Papadenis! I have always had a passion for Geography. One of my teachers 9th grade year inspired me to learn more about it. I love learning about all the different cultures! I want to share my passion with many kids and teach them about the world!

Sayem Kamal

I’m Sayem, a 10th grader who lives in New York. I love playing basketball, video games, and working out. I'm really excited to teach Geography! I'm interested in Geography because of the numerous new things that you can learn. Whether it’s the countries or cities of the world, topography, or natural wonders. It’s interesting to learn about different places.

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