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Environmental Science


Environmental Science

Grades: 1 to 8

Program Leader: Connie Huang

Program Description: The YAPA Kids Environmental Science and Systems program will teach students about earth processes, environmental issues, and human interrelationships with nature. We will delve into the science behind today's sustainability issues, the impact of human activity on the environment, and what actions we can take to help the environment. The program will have an elementary and a middle school level for students; placement will be based on their prior knowledge in other science fields. This program is open to all levels of experience, all you need to join is a love for nature!

Class Times(s):
Option A: Thursdays, null
Option B: Saturdays, null

Program Teachers: Connie Huang, Nabiya Chaudhry, Lily Wang, Oswaldo Alvarado, Hannah Brown, Emily Katz, Preya Patel, Viviana Cruz

Teacher Bios

Connie Huang

Hi everyone! I'm Connie Huang and I'm a rising senior at Skyline High School in Washington! I absolutely love our Earth and I believe education is a must when it comes to protecting nature! At my school, I'm taking the IB Environmental Science and Systems class and I am the co-president of my school's Green Team, both of which have taught me so much about Earth's systems. I'm also involved in community organizing and advocacy for climate and social justice, establishing an Environment team at my school, and encouraging youth engagement in environmental policy-making. In my free time, I love to sew, crochet, read, and do other grandma hobbies!

Nabiya Chaudhry

Hey guys!! My name’s Nabiya Chaudhry and I’m a senior at SCVTHS in New Jersey 🙂 I’ve always been interested in the environment and climate change in general. I’ve spread awareness and made sure to educate myself on current global issues, but there’s still so much for me to learn! I hope with this program I can encourage kids to be a bit more wary of their impact on the environment and teach them how our planet works. My hobbies include art, crochet, watching tv, and journaling/calligraphy <33

Lily Wang

Hellooo guys. My name is Lily Wang, and I would like to be environmental engineer in the future. I’m a junior in FHS in Ohio. I hope that we can make a change in the environment to ensure for a better and safe earth for future generations to live in. I’m not really knowledgeable in this department but I’m willing to learn and help to change the world!

Oswaldo Alvarado

Hello all:) My name is Oswaldo Alvarado, I’m currently a junior at WHS in Austin, Texas and I’m very passionate about the environment! I’m part of two environmental clubs where we discuss issues about pollution and such things and solutions to make the world more eco-friendly! I am intrigued by the zero-waste lifestyle and would like to be 100% zero-waste one day. While I may not be the “best” and knowledgeable regarding every aspect in environmental science, I’ll learn in no time and am very forward to making this earth a better place:)

Hannah Brown

Hi! My name is Hannah Brown and I am going to be a junior at Liberty High School in Colorado! I have always been interested in bettering the environment that we rely on and educating those around me about what they can do to help! I’m in environmental club and I love learning about the way our world works and how to help it! In my free time I like to knit, draw, make jewelry, cheerlead, and do a lot of extracurriculars!

Emily Katz

Hello! My name is Emily Katz and I am a rising senior at Chamblee Charter Highschool in Georgia! I think that caring for the environment is on for the most important things to do right now and I have been trying to do so whenever I can. I wasn’t able to take ap environmental science but I am so excited to learn with you

Preya Patel

Hi! My name is Preya Patel, and I am going to be a juinor at Woodbridge Academy for Allied Health and Biomedical Sciences in New Jersey. I love learning about the environement and how we can make the Earth a home for all organisms. I think it is our job to make the Earth a better place so that we can pass it down to the next generation, and they can do the same. I am so excited to teach you all about Earth and the environment that it provides for all different creatures.

Viviana Cruz

Hi! My name is Viviana Cruz and I am a rising senior at West Broward High school in South FL! I believe environmental awareness is a topic of conversation that every generation should be involved in, especially our youngest. As an early childhood professional certificate candidate, I want to make sure I doing what I can to initiate that conversation ; share my knowledge about the beauties of the earth and how we must protect it for years to come. I am so excited for be teaching Environmental science, and hope you enjoy this subject as much as I do.

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