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Card Making


Card Making

Program Leader: Manya Pant

Program Description: YAPA Kids Card Making program is packed with fun activities. You will learn how to make special cards for different occasions! All grades all welcome and skilled teachers will help you make pretty cards for your loved ones. We will go over a lot of card techniques and how to make them look attractive. Some of the ones we will be teaching are pop-up cards, sticker cards, cutout cards and a lot more! Each class will have a new technique covered so that the students will stay engaged and have a productive time. We look forward to working with you and supporting you! Hope to see many of you during class!

Class Times(s):
Option A: Fridays, null
Option B: Saturdays, null

Program Teachers: Megha Agarwal, Anika Bhandari, Frida Nietov, Kaavya Kugaprakash, Emily Sansano, Jahnavi Kavuru, Sejin Oh, Christien Monello, Neha Noor, Naba Jasim, Sharuka Jeyakumar, Astha Patel, Nabiya Chaudhry

YAPA Kids Cardmaking is partnering with Senior Isolation Sidekicks!!!

Students can send hard or virtual copies of their cards to seniors to support them during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Learn how to send your card by visiting the SIS website.

Teacher Bios

Megha Agarwal

Hello! My name is Megha Agarwal, the program leader for the YAPA Kids Card Making class and a rising junior at Cupertino High School. I love to make cards using different techniques so that each one looks unique. In my free time I enjoy making cards for various occasions. Being creative is one of my hobbies and I would be really happy to share it with all of you!

Anika Bhandari

Hi! My name is Anika Bhandari, and I am a rising junior at Cupertino High School! I have been doing art for 11 years now and have always had an interest in arts and crafts. I think card making would be a great experience and I am looking forward to sharing my experience with these kids!

Frida Nietov

Hello! I’m Frida and I’ve enjoyed making cards since I was younger. This program has been very exciting to see how students put their own spark in each card.

Kaavya Kugaprakash

Hello everyone! My name is Kaavya Kugaprakash. I am a rising sophomore at Evergreen Valley High School. I love making cards for my friends and family when it is their birthday or for any special occasions. Making cards for people is a good way of expressing your emotion. I am so thrilled to be working with you guys in the future!

Emily Sansano

Hello ! My name is Emily Sansano and I am currently a Sophomore at Fremont Highschool. I always loved Arts & Crafts and making cards for friends or loved ones.

Jahnavi Kavuru

Hi yall! My name is Jahnavi Kavuru and i'm a sophmore at Prosper High School in Texas. I've been interested in art since I was a kid and I am currently taking Basic Drawing and Design at school. I love to create art and crafts in my free time including cards and drawing cute figures.

Sejin Oh

Hi, I´m Sejin Oh, a junior at South Pasadena High School. I love to share and create crafts, which is why I am signing up to teach this program!

Christien Monello

Hey everyone, my name is Christien Monello and I am currently a sophomore in highscool. I can't wait to meet everyone and teach!

Neha Noor

Hey everyone, my name is Neha Noor, & I’m a junior in high school. I enjoy doing creative things in my free time and I’m super excited to teach this class :)

Naba Jasim

Hello! my name is Naba I am a junior at Mira Loma high school in sacramento. I enjoy scrapbooking and writing letters to friends, making cards is a great way to combine the two! Can’t wait to share my experience with you guys!

Sharuka Jeyakumar

Hi everyone! My name is Sharuka Jeyakumar. I am a grade 10 student from Don Mills Collegiate Institution and my favourite movie is Howls Moving Castle. I enjoy cooking meals and baking sweets for my family and friends. I am super excited to be part of this team.

Astha Patel

Hi my name is Astha Patel and I’m a senior in high school now. I am passionate for creating art with children and connecting with them as I as create art.

Nabiya Chaudhry

Hi everyone! My name's Nabiya and I'm a junior at Somerset County Vo-tech. In my free time, I like to paint/draw, but I also love watching TV. I also know how to do calligraphy! I'm super excited to be a part of the program :))

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