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Grades: 1 to 8

Program Leader: Ashwin Kumar

Program Description: There are many aspects of Business, so having a solid understanding of the basics is vital to success. During the YAPA Kids Business program, we will explore the different areas of Business, from Business Management to Personal Banking. You will learn about supply and demand, marketing strategies, and even how to write checks! Anyone is welcome to join, and no prior experience is required!

Class Times(s):
Option A: Tuesdays, null
Option B: Fridays, null

Program Teachers: Ashwin Kumar, Miranda Dong, Katie Diep, Rahul Rangaraaj, Tejas Polu, Joel Elangovan, Siddharth Navale, Shaunak Panda, Viva Parmar, Srinayana Patil, Polly Ren, Tarun Gopinath, Annitha Krishnan, Keerthi Chebrolu, Nora Zhen, Krish Chhablani, Katie Diep, Kyle Hudson, Urooj Ali, Blake Tretter

Teacher Bios

Ashwin Kumar

Hi everyone! My name is Ashwin Kumar, and I am a rising sophomore at Cupertino High School. I have always had a passion for Business, and have explored that by taking classes in the different areas of Business. Next year I will be taking International Business at school, and also be participating in school clubs. I am really excited to teach you all about the fundamentals of Business!

Miranda Dong

Hi! My name is Miranda and I’m a senior at Foley High School. I’m very excited to teach business!

Katie Diep

Hi everyone! My name is Katie Diep :) I’m currently a senior at Castro Valley High School. I have a passion to empower youths in business, specifically marketing and economics!

Rahul Rangaraaj

Hi, my name is Rahul Rangaraaj and I am a rising Sophomore at Mission San Jose High School in Fremont. I am currently an officer of my school's Investment Club, and will be joining DECA next year. I have been interested in the field of business for a long time and have learned many things which I would like to share with more young students interested in the field.

Tejas Polu

Hi guys, I am Tejas Polu, a rising sophomore at Cupertino High School. I’ve always had an interest in business and wanted to share my passion with others. I’m really excited to teach you guys!

Joel Elangovan

Hi guys! I am Joel, a rising sophmore at Cupertino High School. Recently I have grown a passion for business and will be taking principles of business next year. I am super exicted to get the opportunity to teach you guys and can't wait.

Siddharth Navale

Howdy folks! I’m Siddharth Navale, and I’m a rising sophomore at Cupertino High School. From the moment I entered school, I’ve always been fascinated by the big industries. I’m talking Amazon, Apple, and even Facebook! Now, how do these giants succeed? Through BUSINESS! I can’t wait to spread my knowledge about it! See you then!

Shaunak Panda

Hi! My name is Shaunak and I am a rising sophomore at Cupertino High School. I have recently found a passion for business, as I participated in the FBLA Club at Cupertino High. I took part in competitions such as Intro to FBLA and Securities & Investments. I am also looking forward to taking principles of business next year. I am very much excited at getting this opportunity to teach you!

Viva Parmar

Hey everyone!!! My name is Viva. I am a rising junior at Cupertino High School. This past year I took Principles of Business at my school which allowed to find my passion for business. I plan on starting my own business soon and am excited to teach you guys!

Srinayana Patil

Hey, I'm Nayana. I will be a senior next year. I have done accounting at school and I have been able to learn the fundamentals of business. I love learning about Business, and I'm super excited to teach all of you!

Polly Ren

Hey everyone! My name is Polly Ren and I am a senior at Mark Keppel High School. I have participated and competed in FBLA throughout my high school career and taken courses ranging from accounting to business law. I am looking to pursue business in the near future and I'm excited to be learning about business with you all!

Tarun Gopinath

Hi everyone! My name is Tarun Gopinath and I am a rising sophomore. I am interested in teaching business here at YAPA Kids because I want to inspire others to create and innovate to improve this world. Some experience I have includes one year of FBLA, 2 years of learning about the stock market, and a lot of Shark Tank. I am excited to teach you all and can’t wait!

Annitha Krishnan

Hi! My name is Annitha Krishnan, and I am a junior at American High School. To be successful in any career, you need to know the basics of business. I have always enjoyed learning about how businesses become successful. I am excited to share my knowledge and passion for business with you!

Keerthi Chebrolu

Hi everyone! My name is Keerthi and I am a sophomore at Foothill High School. In freshman year I joined the FBLA club at school. Now I am an officer in the club and I hope to share my experiences with you. I can't wait to teach you guys this year!

Nora Zhen

Coming Soon...

Krish Chhablani

Coming Soon...

Katie Diep

Hi Hi! My name is Katie Diep, and I'm a junior at Castro Valley High School! I'm currently taking marketing economics this year and plan to continue taking a more advanced business course next year. I've always had an interest in business and I hope I can share this interest with you! I'm super excited to learn and teach everyone :)

Kyle Hudson

Hi there! My name is Kyle and I am a sophmore french-immersion student from Ontario, Canada! I have been taking business courses during highschool and plan to continue to take them in the future! I am excited to share my passion for teaching in this program and hope to see you in one of my classes! :)

Urooj Ali

Hello :) My name is Urooj Ali, I am a junior at JFK Memorial High School. In the future I plan on furthering in marketing and through high-school I've taken as many business classes as I could, from finance classes to classes centered on advertising, with good grades in those classes. I want more women to be in fields of power in the business industry and as I teach I want to inspire everyone to kind of expand their horizons and do their best in every way.

Blake Tretter

Hello! My name is Blake Tretter and I am so excited to be teaching Business this YAPA season! I am a senior in high school from California and I developed my passion for business began in my business class at school! I am also very involved in DECA, both as a member and as an officer! I can't wait to share my passion for business with everyone in class!

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