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Updated: Oct 4

Hello and welcome, YAPA Kids students and parents! Due to popular demand, we'll be posting important updates, milestones, and announcements here, so you can stay up to date on exciting news to come. Stay safe, and have a great day!


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Donate to YAPA Kids!

Dear YAPA Kids community, Thank you so much for your support and excitement with YAPA Kids. Working with such brilliant, resilient students is truly inspirational to all of us. We hope you are enjoyin

Regarding the Ongoing Wildfires in Califonia

Dear YAPA Kids students and parents from California, We understand that it may be a difficult time for many of you to be attending classes due to the ongoing wildfires in California. If you were absen

YAPA Kids is Continuing in the Fall!

Dear YAPA Kids community, We are excited to announce that YAPA Kids is continuing for the fall and for the long term! Teaching the next generation of students has been our greatest joy, and we hope to

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