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Shazia Shameerullah

Director of Opeartions

Shazia Shameerullah

I currently attend Washington High School as an upcoming senior in Fremont, California. I love being involved in student education and serve as a student representative at the Fremont School District. Moreover, I’m involved in the school newspaper The Hatchet and writing articles and editing videos is one of my most valued pastimes.

As a Director of Program operations my main duty is to ensure that everything is running smoothly in a one third of the current YAPA Kids programs. I will also handle the introduction of in person surveys that will take place in the future.

Why do you like helping out YAPA Kids?
I’ve always been very interested in community involvement and bettering the education that people receive. There has always been a strong emphasis on education for everyone specifically girls in my family for a long time. So ever since I was young I knew it was vital that everyone received a good education and interacting with students is something that I really enjoy because in the end I end up learning from the students as well.

What have you learned from teaching at YAPA Kids or otherwise contributing to the organization?
From being at YAPA Kids a point that I have learned time and time again is that fun or interactive education is the most useful education. Often kids can’t handle being bombarded with facts which is something that happens in the program I teach in, history. But making the lesson relevant to their lives and the modern day while also playing games like trivia really helps people retain information, including myself. This lesson has been salient in how I explain or teach things not just to children but adults.

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