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Ann Mary Thomas

Director of Operations

Ann Mary Thomas

Hi everyone! My name is Ann Mary Thomas, and I'm a sophomore in high school. I enjoy playing the violin and tenor sax, reading, and hiking. As one of the program operations directors, I oversee 8-10 programs by conducting bi-weekly meetings with them in order to help achieve their goals and solve problems within the respective program. As an exec member, I bring a student-teacher perspective to the team.

Why do you like helping out YAPA Kids?
I enjoy helping out at YAPA because the amount of people I get to connect with, and the passion that every person I encounter has to improve the organization.

What have you learned from teaching at YAPA Kids or otherwise contributing to the organization?
I have learned the importance of thinking outside the box and adapting. Through the classes I have taught, I realized that every student thinks differently; therefore, by including different learning styles into my lesson plans, I have been able to think creatively.

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