Home Economics

Home Economics

Class Time(s):

Option A: Saturday (bi-weekly), 3:30 - 4:10 PM PT

Option B: Saturday (bi-weekly), 4:20 - 5:00 PM PT

Grades: 1 to 8

Program Leader: Erin Wang

Program Description: YAPA Kids Home Economics is a program to learn and apply everyday life skills. We explore the many important and basic aspects of life including cooking, cleaning, and organization. Along the way, we will develop life habits such as caution, responsibility, and awareness. Home Economics is the class to help students prepare for an independent and successful future. Students will need a communication device to join meetings (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) as well as a creative, positive, and open mindset! A pencil and paper is not necessary, but we highly recommend bringing one to the meeting if a student wants to take notes. Other materials needed will change with each class and will be specified in each class reminder email.

Program Teachers: Erin Wang, Maggie Lee, Clara Hinds, Krittika Iyengar, Olivia Song, Jeanette Ahn, Eda Tao, Rose Rudresh, Glenn Liang, Emily Sansano, Graciela Sandoval, Christien Monello, Jocelyn Ramirez, Finley Ewald, Jenna Soltis, Megan Chen, Sharuka Jeyakumar

Teacher Bios

Erin Wang
Maggie Lee
Clara Hinds
Krittika Iyengar
Olivia Song
Jeanette Ahn
Eda Tao
Rose Rudresh
Glenn Liang
Emily Sansano
Graciela Sandoval
Christien Monello
Jocelyn Ramirez
Finley Ewald
Jenna Soltis
Megan Chen
Sharuka Jeyakumar

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