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Miranda Dong

IMG_2231 - Miranda.HEIC

What is your favorite part of being a teacher?

My favorite part of being a teacher is interacting with the kids and being able to see them improve little by little with my co-teacher! The weekly sessions with students with diverse cultures and ideas have really broadened my worldview. Seeing their passion in learning also motivates me to become a better teacher!

What do you enjoy about teaching here at YAPA Kids?

Teaching at YAPA Kids has allowed me to share my knowledge with driven students and also hone my skills in the subjects I teach. It is heartwarming to see these unique courses being offered to every kid. I enjoy being able to teach concepts my own way and finding some of my best friends here!

What have you learned from teaching kids/at YAPA Kids?

Participating in this global program has allowed me to be more patient and thoughtful through the lens of teaching. Communicating with students, parents, and other YAPA members, I can now say that I feel more confident in conveying my ideas and knowledge. I have learned so much from my inspiring students!

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