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Any other comments you want to share?

YAPA Kids is an amazing organization that gives you a great volunteering experience. You get to improve skills such as leadership, communication, and much more! I hope to continue improving to make my students have the best possible experience with YAPA Kids!

Henna Chawla

What is your favorite part of being a teacher?

My favorite part of being a teacher is when my students are participating and engaging in the lesson. I love it when they provide insightful responses to the questions I ask them! It makes me happy to see their curiosity and eagerness to learn. It feels SO good to teach something I am passionate about. Also, teaching a class helps take mind off school which can be really nice :)

What do you enjoy about teaching here at YAPA Kids?

I enjoy teaching the curriculum that deepens our knowledge of a certain area since I feel like I am learning more as I teach. In addition, I like how there are a variety of classes to choose from that suit different interests. I have worked with many people along the way making several connections as well as boosting my collaboration skills. Also, the classes are not too big so I’m able to give enough attention to my students.

What have you learned from teaching kids/at YAPA Kids?

Something I have learned from teaching kids is how to be prepared, help them as much as I can, have better time management, and an exciting attitude! I try to plan fun activities for them to keep it amusing. Another thing I’ve learned from being a teacher is how it’s not always easy to have their attention and it requires more patience and effort. I truly have learned a lot from my experience with being a teacher B, class lead, and part of a curriculum team!