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Government And Law


About the Course

Are you interested in being an attorney, having a law enforcement job, or simply learning more about law/the government? Well, in this YAPA Kids program, you will learn the basics of the government and different concepts in criminal law! In the Criminal Law/Government Basics program, if you are a younger student (from grades 1-4), you will be able to learn about the basics of government/criminal law, such as how laws are made, parts of the government, different kinds of charges (ex: felonies, misdemeanors, etc), and more! If you are an older student (from grades 5-8), you will be able to learn about the same basics described above, as well as more in-depth concepts of criminal law, with lessons on how a criminal investigation occurs based on the criminal law process, different terms (ex: “burden of proof”), and more! No prior experience is needed!

Your Instructor

Jaleah Garin

Jaleah Garin

My name is Jaleah G. and I am moving into my junior year after the summer. I have two younger siblings who are twins and I am also Filipino. As an aspiring attorney myself, I have been in the mock trial club at my high school for the past two years and I will continue on to my third year in this club. I also love to read and crochet in my free time.

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