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About Us

Turning Interest Into Action!

YAPA Kids is a community organization dedicated to inspiring academic curiosity in young students (grades 1 to 8) as a supplement to the education provided by elementary and middle schools. Our team consists of a group of highly passionate and qualified high school students who are looking to share their experience and skills with their students. Take a look at our 25 different programs (classes are free of charge!) here.

Our Executive Team: Akshat Mehta (President), Lillian Stewart (Director of Operations), Aditya Rao (Director of Systems), Gautam Bhooma (Director of Human Resources), Srikar Pisupati (Director of Team Expansion), Pranav Kumar Soma (Director of Student Growth)

Executive Team

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Director of Operations

Director of Systems

Director of Human Resources

Director of Team Expansion

Director of Student Growth

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